Download our latest annual report

The first ANEMEL Annual Report summarises the results of our project since we kicked off in late 2022. It includes the advances of the different Work Packages… and a sneak peek into the future of hydrogen generation. Enjoy the read!


Our project ANEMEL just turned one year old, and we have a lot to celebrate! It’s been a year full of activity, taking our first steps towards the production of clean hydrogen from dirty waters – including seawater, as well as other impure water sources. The first results are here, including improvements in catalytic systems, membranes, and cells. The goal is making hydrogen production sustainable, taking into account the reduction of critical raw materials, the removal of fluorinated “forever chemicals” and an overall birds-eye view into long-term stability, with studies like life-cycle assessments.

Additionally, the annual report delves into the details of our initial communication materials (also available for free download) and the first joint activities of the Green Hydrogen portfolio of projects, all funded by the European Innovation Council to catalyse the commercialisation of clean hydrogen technologies.

Find all the details on our first Annual Report! On it, we look back at all the work we have done this year, summarise the challenges of our Work Packages, and give you a sneak peek into the future of the project. Enjoy the read, the report is publicly available here.