Creating catalysts with superpowers: meet Praveen Kumar Selvam

Discover who’s who in the ANEMEL team. Praveen Kumar Selvam is a PhD at the University of Galway who works on developing catalysts that increase current density while reducing the corrosion of electrolysers at the same time.

Meet ANEMEL at ESOF2024 event this week!

On 13 and 14 June, ANEMEL will attend the EuroScience Open Forum 2024, held in Poland, with an exciting session about where hydrogen could become a reality in Europe.

ANEMEL annual meeting takes place in Milan

For two days, representatives of all ANEMEL consortium partners met in the Italian city to discuss the latest progress of the project and future work.

A model to test electrolysers’ performance before they exist

Our researcher Suhas Nuggehalli Sampathkumar (EPFL) helps us to understand a recently published paper about the importance of simulated membrane electrode assemblies (MEA) to better understand the efficiency of water electrolysis.

Register for the first ANEMEL webinar next week!

We’re launching our ANEMEL Webinar series to discuss green hydrogen production, seawater electrolysis, and sustainability. Save the date: our first session will take place on 21st February at 11.00am CET with a presentation by Pau Farràs, our project coordinator.

Who’s who in the ANEMEL team

ANEMEL brings together a team of experts with a broad range of backgrounds. Altogether, our consortium will leverage its expertise to develop an electrolyser powered by green energy sources and based on non-critical raw materials.

The Jožef Stefan Institute joins the ANEMEL team

The European Commission “hop-on” facility promotes partnerships between ongoing projects and research institutions from Widening Countries. This programme enabled a new partnership with the Jožef Stefan Institute in Slovenia, which joined the ANEMEL consortium to expand the expertise in the design of catalysts with abundant elements.

Green hydrogen – the fuel of the future? 

Green hydrogen could replace fossil fuels in our transition to net-zero. But, what makes hydrogen green – and, most importantly, what are the current challenges in research and innovation towards technology transfer? ANEMEL answers these questions, and provides new tools to manufacture green hydrogen from low-grade water sources, tackling issues such as the scarcity of raw materials.

Our website is live!

ANEMEL launches its brand-new website, an online hub to find all the updates about our project, results, and activities